About Us

What is the Eagle Rock Neighborhood Council?

The Eagle Rock Neighborhood Council (ERNC) is an official city organization, staffed entirely by elected volunteers and given a working budget of $37,000 per year. We consider issues relevant to our community, and make recommendations to the City of Los Angeles, City Council and the Mayor. Among our most important recommendations concern Land Use – any new building or change in use in Eagle Rock comes before our Land Use Committee.

We also fund or partially fund community projects. If it’s a good thing and happening in Eagle Rock, we probably had a hand in funding it. If you or your organization have a great idea for something that will improve Eagle Rock or the lives of Eagle Rockers, bring it to us and let’s talk about it.

All meetings of the ERNC Board of Directors and its permanent committees are open to the public. There is a public comment period on each agenda item, as well as for non-agenda items you may wish to speak about. These meetings are our chance to hear from you about the issues facing our community, and about things you want us to know. We want to hear from you, so please attend and participate!

What does the Eagle Rock Neighborhood Council do?

We do a lot! Here are some highlights…

In the past few years, the ERNC has provided funding for:

– Eagle Rock Music Festival

– Lummis Day Festival

– Northeast Veteran’s Parade

– Eagle Rock Concerts in the Park

– Peace in the Northeast

– Take Back the Boulevard (TBTB)

– The Eagle Rock Association (TERA)

– Collaborative Eagle Rock Beautiful (CERB)

– Reserve Animal Control Officer Training

– Local School Projects, like Greening; Computer Labs; Trash Bins; and Playground Equipment

– Security Cameras along Colorado Boulevard

– Tree Plantings along Eagle Rock streets

– Mural Painting and Restoration

– After School Programs for Youth

The ERNC has provided strong policy leadership on:

– Take Back the Boulevard

– Rock the Boulevard

– 710 Expansion

– Medical Marijuana Ordinance

– Massage Parlor Proliferation/Enforcement

– Security and Safety Initiative at Yosemite Rec Center

– Los Angeles City Budget

The ERNC has hosted Candidate Forums & Community Meetings on:

– School Board candidates

– CD 14 City Council candidates

– Medical Marijuana dispensaries in Eagle Rock

– Land Use issues of all kinds that are important to Eagle Rockers

With more to come!