The Executive Committee is composed of the Officers of the ERNC Board.

It is chaired by the President of the ERNC.

The work of the Executive Committee is to set the agenda for ERNC Board meetings. Therefore, its meetings are scheduled roughly one week before the ERNC Board meetings.

As they set the Agenda for the ERNC Board meeting, the Committee will listen to people who wish to come before the ERNC with an issue that is important to them or the community. They will then decide whether the issue should go to another Committee (such as Land Use or Sustainability), or whether it can go directly before the ERNC Board.

Presenting an issue to another Committee before going to the ERNC Board gives the applicant the advantage of time to lay out their argument. If they persuade the Committee to agree with them, they will have a powerful advocate for their cause.

If the Executive Committee decides that the applicant should talk directly to the ERNC Board, then the issue can be scheduled for the next meeting of the ERNC Board.

If you have an issue that you wish to bring to the ERNC Board for support, then come to the ERNC Executive meetings.

If you wish the ERNC Board to fund a project that your non-profit is sponsoring, or a community improvement idea that you have, contact the President or Vice-President of the Board, and find out whether the project qualifies and what sort of documentation you need.