Agendas & Minutes

Want to know what happened at an ERNC Board or Land Use Committee meeting? To ensure transparency and good government, the ERNC provides detailed minutes from every meeting of the ERNC board and its Land Use and Planning Committee.

Here are links to agendas and minutes of upcoming and past meetings, archived on our Google drive. Note that some minutes will be marked as “uncorrected,” which means they are not yet official:

Regular monthly ERNC Board Meetings


2021 ERNC Board Meeting Agendas

2021 ERNC Board Meeting Minutes

2020 ERNC Board Meeting Agendas

2020 ERNC Board Meeting Minutes

2019 and before


Land Use and Planning Committee (LUPC) Meetings


2021 LUPC Agendas & Minutes

2020 LUPC Agendas & Minutes

2019 and before